Updated or Canceled? What’s in Store for Your Favorite Movies in 2022

It may only be two weeks into 2022, but many movies have learned their destiny.

For example, on January 10, Netflix said “oui” to not one, but two more seasons on Emily in Paris. on an announcement posted on Instagram, the streamer scoffed, “New year, new possibilities.”

Trouble, Emily in Paris not only will the show be renewed in 2022, say Grey’s Anatomy also received the greenlight for the 19th season. This news is even more shocking, because by Gray leading lady Ellen Pompeo previously noticed that he was ready for the medical drama to end.

In particular, in December, Pompeo said Inside that he was “trying to focus on convincing everyone of that [Grey’s Anatomy] it must end. “

Even in January, ABC proves that the Shonda RhimesThe produced drama returns, with Pompeo. Looks like Meredith Gray won’t be hanging up her stethoscope anytime soon. “I’m no longer particularly excited that we will continue to tell the stories of Meredith, Bailey, Richard and all the other doctors at the Gray Sloan Memorial for another time,” Rhimes said in a statement.

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