Upgraded Sweater Miniature Christmas Tree

It’s holiday time, and it’s time to decorate your home with festive accessories. But if you’re looking for a unique decoration that will really stand out this year, try making your own unique upcycled sweater miniature Christmas tree. This DIY project is very easy to do but everyone will be amazed at your creativity when they see it displayed.

red and white check tablecloth with mini wood on top next to light teal plates

Miniature Christmas Tree Sweater

When it comes to Christmas DIY and crafts, there are many options. But many say “same ol’ same ol ’” If you want something different, this Miniature Christmas Tree Sweater is a great decoration. Make one for the house or make it as gifts. It’s standard enough that it’s something you want to show every year.

Small trees are one of our favorite ways to decorate. If you like them as much as we like, you can check out this great list at festive mini Christmas tree decoration ideas!

cloth Christmas tree in white snow in front of blue background

What Can I Use for Tree Leaves?

Making the leaves of this tree is very easy. You can use almost anything you have. An old shirt or sweater that you no longer wear can be cut into leaves. You can also use leftover fabric from another project. Other crafting materials can also be used, such as faux fur or felt. Even things like leftover carpets can be used to make leaves.

If you don’t have at least some of these materials around the house, you can visit a local thrift store to find old clothes available. This is an inexpensive way to use sweaters for the project. For the most eco-friendly choice, use sweaters with holes or stains that others can hide when they buy clothes.

small cloth Christmas tree sitting on the wooden floor by the real Christmas tree

What Is The Best Basis For My Mini Christmas Tree?

If you are making this mini Christmas tree you will want to use a solid base. The base can be anything that will stand up well and have a solid base. For my Christmas tree, I use a cut of wood that I attach a dowel rod to.

You can use any of the same. It can be a hard piece of plastic or you can use a strong piece of cardboard. Another option might be to use jewelry hangers or doll holders and just take the pieces that come out.

mini skis against tree background with mini tree on green paper in front of the wall

How Do I Customize This Mini Wood Fabric?

You can easily customize this mini wood fabric. In addition to using any type of fabric you have or want to use, you can also add other wood items. Below are some great ideas that can really jazz up the wood to make it look amazing!

  • Add mini wood ornaments.
  • Place mini lights around the tree. If you do this just be careful if you let them not let them down.
  • Spray with glitter spray or fake snow.
  • Attach sequins, beads, or rhinestones as decorations.
  • Add a small star or angel to the top of the tree.
  • Glue the wood cut to a piece of cardboard or scrap wood and then attach a small piece of wood around the base. Add gifts, little reindeer, or similar items to make it look like a real tree scene.

Whatever you can add to large trees, you can copy to your small tree.

cream cloth Christmas tree sitting on red table by blackboard

How Do I Display My Miniature Christmas Tree?

This mini wooden craft can be displayed anywhere in your home. You can place them on the mantle or on shelves around the room. Another fun idea is to make them in different sizes and colors to create a small tree forest as a holiday display.

I also love seeing it as part of a winter village scene or even around a Christmas train when you have one of your holiday decorations. You can place it as part of a centerpiece on the dining table or side table with some mini gifts around the base.

woman wearing a blue and red plaid shirt holding a white cloth tree in front of the Christmas tree

Supplies are needed

blue cloth on green table with white paper ruler and scissors

How to Make a Mini Christmas Tree from an Upcycled Sweater

On a piece of paper, trace a curved edge to create a curved bottom triangle.

Cut this edge then roll the paper into a cone shape and glue or staple to attach and secure.

hand stapling paper into a cone

Using an old sweater, blanket, fabric, or felt, cut out small triangles in the fabric. Depending on the size of the tree, you may need between 40 to 100 of them.

blue cloth triangles placed on the green table

Place the paper cone on a table or on top of a cup and start at the bottom gluing the triangles to the fabric in place so that the points are facing down and the flat sides are facing up.

hand holding the blue cloth triangle at the base of the paper cone

Continue around the cone gluing in place of the layers until the entire cone is covered with the cloth.

hands gluing the blue triangles to the fabric of the paper cone

Stick a dowel in the middle of a cut of wood.

hand holding a dowel on a cut of wood next to the blue cloth christmas tree

Slide the wood over the dowel. Add glue to secure the end of the dowel if desired.

woman placing cloth wood over dowel base

Decorate the wood if you want to show it!

cream cloth Christmas tree made in front of the holiday tree with decorations

More Christmas Craft Ideas

If you want a lot of ideas to add to your holiday decor, there are a lot of ideas we’ve used and shared before that you can choose from. Below are some of my favorites to get you started. Bookmark these ideas, print tutorials, or pin them to a Christmas Pinterest board to get it done right away!

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Make an old sweater or scrap fabric with this beautiful upcycled sweater miniature Christmas tree decoration for your holiday mantle!

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Use felt, fabric, scrap material, an old sweater, or even burlap to make your wood unique!

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Completed Project Gallery

mini wooden table cloth with fake snow and fake snowman toy

You can use felt, fabric, or any scrap material to make your own unique wood.

cream cloth wood on blue table by plaid background

It’s easy to update it with mini decorations or even some fake lights!

cream cloth Christmas tree on wooden table with holiday decorations

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