Vaccines Announces New Album Back in the City of Love, Share Track Title: Stream

The Vaccine reveals the track record and release date for their upcoming album Back to Love City. The British rock band’s fifth studio set is set to hit shelves, streamers, and digital retailers on September 10 via Super Easy / AWAL Recordings.

According to frontman Justin Hayward -Young, the 13 -track studio set inspired all sorts of cityscapes – from real to fiction – and rooted the idea of ​​his sale of homes (The Holiday-style) with someone in LA “I literally changed the lives of a stranger. I live in [his] house and drove his car while he lived with mine, but we didn’t meet and had no previous connections, ”he said in a statement.

“Back In Love City” saw the quintet bring a chant-ready, assigned guitar chorus amidst Hayward-Young’s cheeky verses “I drink to drown my sorrows but always they learned to swim / Thank you very much, yes I’m a little thin / If I cast out my demons, I’ll just take them to the gym / But hopefully it doesn’t matter / Seven years respectfully, you won’t give up for Lent / That’s why I never doubted if your cookies were allowed / I acted on a prompt, now I’m sitting here and crying / But I hope it doesn’t matter, lead guitarist Freddie Cowan has improved. stream “Back to the City of Love”, and check out the album artwork and complete tracklist below.

Last year, The Vaccines lent their song “Internet Disco” featuring Agent Emotion to Songs for the National Health Service, the vinyl charity that has benefited Britain’s frontline workers.

Back To The City Of Love Artwork:

Back To The City Of Love Tracklist:
01. Back to the City of Love
02. Lone Star
03. Baby Headphones
04. Tour
05. Paranormal Romance
06. El Paso
07. Jumping Above
08. XCT
09. Bandit
10. People’s Republic of Desire
11. Barbaric
12. Land of the Heart
13. Pink Water Pistol

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