Valheim Nvidia RTX Build Resolved Graphics Card Shortage

Unable to buy themselves a real -life RTX 3080 due to the lack of an Nvidia GPU, a player at Valheim decided to build this wooden copy.

The current shortage of graphics cards has become ridiculously solved by one Valheim founder, making an honest copy of a Nvidia RTX 3080 in the game. This isn’t the first high-tech making of the title to come to life, as one of the more recent in-game builds is a multi-statuette of the friendly robot Wall-E.

Discovered by a Reddit user, ValheimThe construction of Wall-E was done first to a Japanese gamer who unfortunately did not provide any additional information on the project. As such, it’s not known if there were cheats or mods used to make it a weird statue, but judging by some clearly unrealistic design features, it’s likely that it took more. of vanilla game construction mechanics. It will look incredible, no matter as close to the original robot as possible.

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Can’t buy themselves a real life RTX 3080 because of famous lack of Nvidia GPUbrother _-GH05T- decided to build a faith Valheim copy instead from wooden properties. Using the detailed mechanics of the game’s construction, the player is able to recreate the 3080’s intricate details and unique shapes. Perhaps, the most bizarre part of the build is the fan, whose curved plot is definitely tricky because there are straight assets in the game. Needless to say, the community was amazed at the overall quality of the construction. Excited to receive, the author admits there is little variation compared to the real thing, but as an overnight build, it’s just fine. As mocked by other Redditors, this is the only difference with the Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU that reduces the FPS count.

The aforementioned Valheim The architect is known for other exotic constructions that are generally more interactive and serve a real purpose. One of the player’s new projects is a modern swimming area which is in the backyard of a Viking’s house. It’s not just a secluded pool, though, but a proper relaxation area, with a couple of sunbeds, a barbeque, a hot tub, and even a bar. Not only that, but a clever lighting scheme with glowing mushrooms was included in the project, making it beautiful and trendy.

Almost anyone can imagine that Valheim may one day be an unlikely disrespect PC Building Simulator, but it has a credible visible Nvidia RTX 3080 made out of wood. The next step is to build an entire computer, as this is probably the only way most gamers can afford a high-end rig in these tough days lack of PC features. All the jokes aside, the incredible ingenuity of Valheim The founders continue to be amazed, and so is almost anything possible with the indie hit survival title.

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Valheim available on PC.

Origin: _-GH05T- / Reddit

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