Vanderpump Rules’ Most Shocking Cheating Scandals

The BCU (Bravo Cinematic Universe) was shaken on March 3 when it was confirmed that Sandoval and Ariana have ended their nine-year relationship amid the revealed seven-month relationship between them and Raquel. (An insider told E! News that cameras were rolling on the cast when the news broke, meaning the drama will play out in the show’s 10th season.)

“I was wrong, I was selfish, and I made careless decisions that hurt someone I love,” TomTom co-owner wrote an apology on Instagram March 8. “No one deserves to feel pain so traumatically and publicly.”

He added, “My biggest regret is that I let Ariana down. I never meant to let so many people down, including our loving families and friends.”

Rachel Ariana also issued a public apology, saying he had “no excuse” for his actions. In a follow-up statement, Raquel addressed the future of her relationship with Tom.

“I need to take care of my health, work on self-improvement and spend time being ok with being alone,” Raquel said E! News in a statement. “I’m taking care of Tom, and I don’t want to put a label on anything or predict what’s coming. Now, I have to heal.”

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