Vanessa Pappas of TikTok Reveals What It’s Like to Run the Beloved App

8 p.m. Her children are sent to sleep with the help of Catherine Ingram“funny and educational” cartoon-style book, Arnold’s Unusual Art Museum, Pappas and his wife talk about their days because of the chicken plates he whipped. “I want dinners to be simple,” he says of his go-tos. The easiest: “In the evenings we’re both tired and have a long day, we’ll order sushi.”

9 p.m. Among Pappas ’secret weapon: A to -do running list. After dinner, she checked her emails again, glanced at her calendar and wrote down her priorities for the next day. “The simple ritual at night is that it helps me not only relax at night and disconnect from work, but helps me hit the ground the next day,” he explains.

He then rewarded himself with another scroll through his For You feed. “Just then,” he says, “I’ve seen a lot of fashion in the fall 2000 with celebrities, fashion, and movies.”

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