Varya Makes Fans Emotional By Kissing Geoffrey In NYE

Varya Malina kissed Geoffrey Paschel’s picture on new year’s eve. Her emotional video has made some of her loyal 90 Day Fiancé fans cry.

former 90 Day Bride Star Varya Malina got fans emotional when she kissed Geoffrey Paschel’s picture on New Year’s Eve. Most fans remember the native Russian and his on-screen beau from their appearance. 90 Days Bride: Before 90 Days season 4. The couple happily lived in the United States forever Geoffrey was found guilty to attack his ex-girlfriend. In October, the 44-year-old reality star was jailed, and he is currently awaiting his final verdict. While Geoffrey was behind bars, Varya did everything she could to support him and his family.

He recently went to Biloxi, Mississippi, to celebrate the new year with the Paschel family. He posted several Instagram Stories featured 90 Day Bride fans of the unique weather and scenery around him. Unfortunately, the 32-year-old reality star was also injured in her trip. He jumped into the pool without reading the warning sign and hit his head. Fortunately Geoffrey’s family is there to support him and make him feel better. A few hours later, Varya revealed that she was fine, and she continued her day normally.


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the 90 Day Bride celeb Varya has already shared a video where he kissed Geoffrey’s picture on New Year’s Eve. Her love for the convicted man can be seen in the clip as well as in her caption in which she wrote, “I kissed New Year’s Eve and made my wish come true.VaryaNeither the hopeless romantic move has done much 90 Day Bride the fans were very emotional. One fan said, “My heart breaks for you …. stay strong … praying the new year brings you and Geoffrey back together.“Another shouted,”Varya, I’m crying! It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. “

Some commented, “That was so sweet, I cried. Happy New Year Varya.“A few days later, the former radio presenter revealed that he was gone met Geoffrey since his guilty verdict. While answering questions from her fans, Varya said she talks to her man daily through video chat. However, she has not met him in person because his facility has not allowed any visits for the past five years.

While Varya has shown love and interest in getting back together with Geoffrey, some of his loyal fans are urging him to keep going. According to several reports, the Knoxville native is facing 12 to 20 years in prison with no possibility of parole. Due to the long period of imprisonment, Varya’s fans don’t want him to wait for him and miss out on other opportunities. Geoffrey already has a criminal history, and he must live with it constantly. Varya could stay close to him and support him as a friend, but maybe the 90 Day Bride star must find someone who is truly around him.

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