Vicki Gunvalson Calls Ex Steve Lodge “Violent” After Her Engagement

Vicki Gunvalson incorrect “woohoo” to ex Steve Lodgenew engagement.

Earlier this week, Steve announced his plan to marry the teacher Janis Carlson next year and told E! News, “Janis and I are very happy and will be married in April of 2022. We are completely ahead of love and look forward to our lives together.”

Vicki was revealed exclusively on E! News how she feels about her ex-fiancé who moved on very quickly.

“Only one narcissist will come out of my house in September and join in December,” he told E! News. “At this point I can only thank God for keeping me away from lies, mind games, manipulations, being used, and finally releasing me for good.”

Vicki, exposing her engagement to Steve in April 2019, continued, “It’s important to remember that I’m only mourning the person I think he is, not the brutal manipulator he really is, and that’s what gives me peace. I see it as a blessing because if it’s done he does it now, God only knows what he can do in the years down the line if I stay with him. “

He added, “I’m not a bad person so I don’t expect him to be bad, I can only wish for him what he deserves in life… whatever.”

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