Vikings: Valhalla’s Frida Gustavsson Reacts to Bloody Finale

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Vikings: Valhalla season two.

Only one fighter can win Vikings: Valhalla.

And that’s exactly what happened in the season two finale on the Netflix dramawhich saw an epic battle between Freydís (Frida Gustavsson), a shield maiden dedicated to protecting the Pagan faith, and Olaf (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson), a devout Christian determined to do away with the old ways.

While some viewers may have believed that the cruel Olaf would ultimately win, Freydís proved that she was as fierce as she was smart, wiping out both of Olaf’s armies with fire and destroying him in single combat. .

The final battle is epic and bloody and, according to Gustavsson, requires a little practice to pull off. “We want to make it the biggest thing we can,” he exclusively told E! news “We spent months working on that fight.”

Gustavsson credits the “genius” creator Jeb Stuart for making a final advance during a fierce war. “The ending of season one, I thought it was just so big. So action-packed,” he said. “And [Stuart] did it again. Better. Bigger. And I think the final showdown between Freydís and Olaf was great.

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