Vini Vici Tag Prezioso and Shibui for Zesty Psytrance Track, "Drink And Scream"

“Drink And Shout” is a follow-up to Vini Vici’s previous release, “Easy Ride,” which was released in December 2022.

Vici wines and Prezioso joined forces with singer-songwriter Shibui for an anthemic psytrance single, “Drink And Shout.”

The production of “Drink And Shout” consists of a lively, playful call-and-response with sparkling melodies that flourish over a powerful bassline. Although short in length, the track packs a punch for you to down the drink and get the party started.

Check out the new track, out today via We Next, below.

Israeli duo Vini Vici have released countless festival anthems over the years, establishing themselves as psytrance pioneers. Late last year, they teamed up with Ghost Rider and WYLDE for a bouncy single called “Easy Ride” in Highness Records.

A few weeks ago, Vini Vici announced that they would be starting theirs 10 year anniversary tour in Hollywood. The show will include a 90-minute set with tracks like “The Tribe,” “Great Spirit” and “Untz Untz,” and so on.

In addition to being a tenured dance music producer, Prezioso is a talented turntablist and winner of several DJ competitions. He is perhaps best known for his hit “Thunder,” which was created in collaboration with Gabry Ponte and LUM!X. The track has amassed over 361 million streams on Spotify at the time of writing.

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