Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 19 Release Date and Time

Here are the must-know details about Vinland Saga season 2 episode 19 release date and time. With Ketil and his sons returning to the farm, they prepared to defend their land from the king. Here’s when the new Vinland Saga episode will be available on Crunchyroll and Netflix for those in the US (ET, CT, and PT).

If the Vinland Saga season 2 episode 19 Releases

Vinland Saga The release date of season 2 episode 19 in the US is Monday, May 15.

Crunchyroll is simulcasting the second season of Vinland Saga. The episode with English subtitles will be available one hour after its release in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding Monday schedule is as follows:

  • 11:30 am ET
  • 10:30 am CT
  • 8:30 am PT

Meanwhile, the Vinland Saga season 2 release schedule on Netflix is:

  • 3:00 am ET
  • 2:00 am CT
  • 12:00 am PT

The episode will air in Japan on Tuesday, May 16, at 12:30 am JST.

Where to Find Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga season 2 is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

Vinland Saga season 2 episode 18 Recap

Canute is on his way to take Ketil’s farm. He wondered if Ketil would submit to him or oppose them, hoping that they would submit. However, he will not show mercy when Ketil and his family turn against him. Meanwhile, Thorgil and Ketil return from Jelling. Thorgil tells everyone to prepare for battle as enemy forces are about to arrive to take over the farm. The retainers discuss the coming war, and Fox says there aren’t enough experienced soldiers on the farm. Thorfinn and Einar are tied up in the retainers’ camp, worried about Arnheid.

Einar thanks Thorfinn for fighting. However, Thorfinn wondered if there was another way to solve their problems without resorting to violence. Ketil knows what happened to Arnheid, Thorfinn, and Einar. Leif asks Snake to see Thorfinn, but he won’t let him. Pater asks Leif to buy Einar and Arnheid with Thorfinn. Ketil goes to the stable and beats Arnheid, even after finding out that she is pregnant with his child. Snake eventually arrives and stops Ketil, knowing that Ketil doesn’t want to kill Arnheid.

Leif asks Ketil if he can buy Arnheid, Thorfinn, and Einar. Ketil only allowed him to take Thorfinn and Einar. Einar worries about Arnheid’s condition, while Ketil prepares to defend the farm.

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