VPR Teaser: Lala Says She “Doesn’t Trust” Raquel With Her Man

Later, Raquel took Lala aside to talk about their feelings for each other. “I feel that you have the same attraction for each other,” said Raquel. “I feel bad doing anything because I know you’re interested in him too.”

Despite his attraction, Lala gave Raquel her “stamp of approval” to pursue him.

“I came on this trip to have the best time ever, and I’m going to do that whether I get a d–k from Oliver or not,” Lala added in her confession. “It was strange to me because Raquel had no interest in Oliver until I said, ‘Damn, he’s good.’ And then all of a sudden he treated it like a pageant and was in competition mode with me.”

Cut to footage of Raquel and Oliver passionately kissing on the dance floor.

“I really don’t give two f–ks who is dating Raquel, who he puts in his mouth, it’s not important to me,” added Lala. “But let’s be honest, if it was a competition, I would have won. Oliver and I rolled around on my bed.”

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