Wait, There Are 3 Different Zorro Shows in Development

Get ready for a lot of creative sword work!

Elite star Miguel Bernardeau thrown in Prime Video’s Zorro, according to different. The reboot series is a modern take on the famous masked crusader, an unreal vigilante whose roots trace back to 1919.

Bernardeau’s Zorro “will be shaped by relationships from his youth, love and disappointment in love that will enhance his development as a character and display a kind of masculinity away from stereotypes,” according to Secouya Studios, which produced the show.

The announcement shook our heads a little, and we asked ourselves: Why is it so familiar?

Well, as you know, this is the third Zorro adaptation announced in the last five months!

Wilmer Valderrama set to star in a Disney live-action Zorro series. “I’ll tell you this: It’s going to be a Zorro for this generation,” Valderrama said said of The Drew Barrymore Show May 9. “And it’s more mindful of the origin story, and it’s based on reality.”

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