Walk Inside Selena Gomez’s Tropical Trip to the Turks & Caicos

Look at him now.

Even though most of us spend the holidays amidst the cold drop in temperatures, Selena Gomez the opposite is done. The 29-year-old recently enjoyed a vacation with family and friends on the beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos.

And if you need photo evidence of this magical trip, the singer’s BFF, Theresa Mingus, shared some photos documenting all the fun of the day to him Instagram in Jan. 5. In one video, Selena is seen enjoying herself while water tubing, while in another, the Building Murders Only The star appears to be associated with the family, including his brother, Gracie.

And even if Selena herself remains absent from social media during the holidays, it’s clear in her latest Instagram post that he was already enjoying the start of the new year.

“Happy new year people,” he captioned his photo smiling on January 1. “Let’s remember to take care of one another and start the year right! God bless and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! LOVE YOU.”

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