Wall Mount Closet Tower with Help Shelf

Do you want to upgrade your closet storage systems to something robust and customized to your needs? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how we deal with a small closet reach, with added storage and many hanging options.

Towers are a great way to break up closet spaces. Gone are the days of a long hanging stick – it’s even more useful to break up the hanging space to arrange items, and to add folding space.

organize a children’s wardrobe

Here’s what we love about this wardrobe:

  • Outside on the floor, the underside is easy to clean and space is available for cups, baskets or shoes
  • There is no need to remove the baseboards under the cupboard or trim around
  • Attached to the tall wall plate, it is very easy to hang without drywall anchors or finding studs
  • Storage up to the ceiling
  • Small hanging areas to help organize different things to hang (e.g., short sleeves on one, long sleeves on the other)
  • Lots of easy access to the filled space
  • Can be designed to fit specific baskets
  • Allocate high space for less used items
  • High quality construction will last forever (not a piece of board!)
  • Can be modified, reconfigured, added because it is real tree
  • Can be painted or finished because it is a home finish and not a plastic sticker finish.
  • Easy to customize for space

Watch Me Do It with Basic Tools!

We made a fun video of this closet you can watch here.

And also made a plan to help further clarify the steps. Plans follow (scroll down). Thanks for viewing and using our plans, please share photos of your completed projects, we want to see your work!

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Wall Mount Closet Tower with Help Shelf

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