Walter Mercado and Many Latin Icons Known For Their Legendary Style

Here is the tea …

A simple tailored gown, bad accessories and a little makeup are enough to set a celebrity apart. the very best clothing list. After all, clothing is considered eternal.

However, as for mastering the art of fashion, no one did it like the stars of Latinx. Is this a bold statement? Admittedly, but it’s one that really resonates when you look closely at the images whose style has proven to be as famous as their art.

Case in point? Stories like Juan Gabriel, Celia Cruz and Selena quintanilla leaving an invisible mark on both the music and fashion industry. Famous performers lit up the stage with their electrifying songs and a variety of costumes-usually light in bed.

Actually, Selena is the brain behind some his most memorable appearance, including the iconic purple jumpsuit she wore to her last major concert before she died in 1995.

Famous astrologer Walter Mercado not only did his fans admire his detailed reading, but his flamboyant capes and ornate suit were truly spellbinding. The glamorous uprising, which became Walter’s signature style, perfectly connected his more people with intellect.

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