Watch Chloe Trautman’s Farewell Video of the Siesta Key Cast

Goodbye drama and hello Peace.

After much thought and consideration, Chloe Trautman decided on walk away from Siesta Key. And in a sneak peek on the June 16 episode, viewers will finally see how he tells the cast.

“To my fellow cast members Siesta Key, it’s hard to say what the last four years have meant to me, “he began with a video message.” As I shed tears at the show, looking back, I now know that layers and layers are dripping on myself. so that I may be the clearest, purest channel that God has designed that I can be. “

The reality star continued, “Have any of you ever wondered why alcohol is 12 spirits? Because it’s the number one way it can kill your spirit. Being a ton of alcohol and s – t telling people is all things that really don’t fit with who I am now. I’ve tried to follow this, but you can just put yourself in a toxic environment until you’re done with your breakup. ”

As Chloe tries to hold back the tears and keep her calm, she can’t help but slip in the middle of her video.

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