Watch Empath’s Video for New Song “Passing Stranger”

Empathy shared a video for their new song “Passing Stranger.” This is the latest single on their upcoming LP guest, release next month. Watch the video for “Passing Stranger” — taken by Halle Ballard at Empath member Catherine Elicson’s apartment — below.

Empath’s last LP was in 2019 Active Listening: Night on Earth. In November, Empath shared a video for “Diamond Eyelids,” the first single from guest. That track first appeared as a b-side for the loose single ”Born 100 times. ”

In the new single, Elicson said in a statement:

“The beat was inspired by druggy Velvet Underground drums, on top of which Randall began to improvise a loud tremolo on his synth. One of the slowest songs we’ve written without an abrasive moment. Finally we have to do a fade out. This song is written in a similar way to ‘Diamond Eyelids’ ie blending memories. This time I put together different memories from my childhood, some idyllic, some difficult, but it seemed like it was a story about someone who came back to their town. The melody of this song is in a really old iPhone voice memo that I made and forgot. If I listen to it again after a year or so, I think it’s so bad that it’s tempting that I have to stop writing it. I also want a song where I can turn off my sweep pick in a way that isn’t intimidating. I hope to be considered the vanguard of sweep picking in pop music, thank you.

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