Watch Kourtney Kardashian React to Claims She Ended at KUWTK

“Why? Because you said before that you didn’t want to, love filming and the like so that they think you’re the one making the judgment? “Scott defended him.” Are you bothered by this? ”

“Yes they say it’s a joke but I’m sure there are people who really believe it,” Kourtney replied.

Scott says “obviously it’s not true,” and that’s wrapping up KUWTK a family decision. Kourtney agreed and she even revealed that this isn’t the first time the Kardashians have questioned whether or not they will continue the series.

“Every time our contract ends we always have this conversation like, ‘Do we want to keep it going? What are we happy about? What do we want to do?'” Kourtney explained. “If everyone wants to keep it going I’m sure I’m doing it too. Unless I see my island moving to ….”

But Scott seems to have a reason of his own why he is hesitant to say goodbye KUWTK. “My biggest fear is that we’re going to float and not meet most of the time because if we don’t work together every day, we’re definitely not going to meet every day,” Scott told the camera. “It’s very sad for me, you know. It’s kind of end of a period. “

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