Watch Let’s Eat Grandma’s Video for the New Song “Happy New Year”

Grandma ate shared a video for their new song “Happy New Year. ” This is the latest single from their upcoming third LP Two Ribbons, followed “Hall in Glass”And the title track. Watch the video, which shows Let’s Eat Grandma Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth fighting over a game of tennis that turns out to be fun, below.

In a statement, Walton said of the video:

I wrote “Happy New Year” after a breakup between [Jenny Hollingworth and me] which lasted a long period of time, to talk to him about how important he was to me and how we were together and cared for each other deeper than this difficult time. I use the New Year’s setting as an opportunity to reflect, to reminisce nostalgically through the childhood memories we share, and to represent the beginning of a new chapter for us. I struggled to understand the fact that our relationship had changed, but as the song progressed and time I came to accept that it would no longer stay the way it used to when we were kids forever, and started watching it. as a positive thing — because now we are able to grow into our own individual selves.

Let’s Eat Grandma has released their second album, I am the All -Hearing, in the summer of 2018. Their debut, If, Gemini, came out in 2016.

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