Watch Marisa Abela Transform Into Amy Winehouse for Back to Black

They are trying to create Marisa Abela it seems Amy Winehouse and the results are in.

At the start of filming on Back to blackthe biopic of the late Grammy winner, fans saw a change in the actress.

Earlier this week, Marisa was spotted filming scenes in London where her portrayal of the “Rehab” singer didn’t go unnoticed. Dressed head-to-toe in black, the 26-year-old actress sported Amy’s trademark look which included black eyeliner and voluminous hair.

Along with the scene is Eddie Marsanwho is set to play Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse.

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the upcoming movie is set to chronicle the late Grammy winner’s vibrant years living in London and his intense journey to stardom. In June 2011, Amy found dead in London at the age of 27 after facing a very public battle with drugs and alcohol. An investigation revealed him cause of death is accidental alcohol poisoning.

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