Watch Paramore’s Video for New Song “The News”

Paramore back with”The news,” the latest song from their upcoming album, This is the Why. It is the second single, following “This is the Why,” and it has a new music video directed by Mike Kluge and Matthew DeLisi. Watch “The News” below.

“‘The News’ is one of those songs that came together quickly and felt exciting from the start,” Paramore’s Hayley Williams said in a press release. “It feels like a happy medium between classic Paramore angst and bringing in some influences that we’ve always had but never taken advantage of. Zac’s view [Farro] track drums for this is one of my favorite memories from the studio. Lyrically, it probably explains itself. The 24-hour news cycle is impossible to understand. And I feel a pang of guilt when I unplug to protect my headspace. A common reaction, or non-reaction, looks like dissociation. None of us are innocent of that and who can blame us?”

This is the Why—from February 10—following 2017 After Laughter and two solo albums from Williams, 2020’s Petals for Armor and 2021 Flowers for Vases / Descansos. The Paramores set to go on a grand tour behind the album, too.

Read the “Paramore’s Influence Is All Around Us” above the Pitch.


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