Watch Rick and Morty’s 17-Minute Video Game-Inspired Trailer for Season 5

“The simulation is rotten,” and it fell apart Rick and Morty to “fix the core,” in the video game’s new short inspiration Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine. This is the latest and most compelling trailer for the upcoming cult sequel Season 5, beginning Sunday, June 20.

Via The AV Club, the 17-minute side-scroller debuted on Friday night at a Rick and Morty Adult Swim marathon. It was directed by the Prince of the Pixels himself, Paul Robertson, who once lent his ’80s arcade aesthetic to a Rick and Morty intro, the 15-second mental state Morty’s dream, and dozens of other fun interludes for Adults Swim.

Eternal Nightmare Machine begins at the dinner table, as Jerry, Beth, and Summer suddenly morph into horrible aberrations. That can’t be fixed with a little laser-blasting, but when it’s over, our antiheroes find themselves taken to an alternate dimension full of villainous monsters and monsters. eggs to throw at Easter.

As if that wasn’t enough, Adult Swim has shown another, more traditional trailer for Season 5. It boasts “Diane Young” on Vampire Weekend as a backing track, and previewed several high concept to come. Check that out and Eternal Nightmare Machine below.

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