Watch the Trailer for George A. Romero’s Lost Film The Amusement Park

Three years ago, it was revealed in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro’s Daniel Kraus George A. Romerolong lost in the 1973 horror film The Amusement Park discovered and that he had observed a cut. Last year, it aired on several repertory programs to select audiences. And now, almost 50 years after being made, the film has finally got its first trailer along with the news that it will stream shake on June 8th.

Romero was originally commissioned to preside The Amusement Park of the Lutheran Society, who hopes he can make a film that raises awareness about ageism and elder abuse. The latter film icon accepts the task and starts working, shooting The Amusement Park between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Perhaps to the organization’s surprise, the outcome of the film began to be more severe and horrific than they had thought.

The Amusement Park follows an old gentleman on a trip to, duh, the amusement park. What is considered a single day can quickly turn into a nightmare as the person suffers various forms of trauma, all of which are intended to be a metaphor for real-life ageism. As seen in the trailer, it translates to chase scenes, straightforward injuries, and more. Watch the full video below.

In his to review in the film for consequences, Provided by Matt Prigge The Amusement Park an A-, writing, “The Amusement Park is the most terrifying film Romero has ever made – an unconscious, unrestrained, sad reminder that, after a certain age, we can all be rejected, unless we have extra money… It scare you into spending any and all free time caring for anyone over 70 in fear of karmic revenge. “Also visit his full review of the film HERE.

The Amusement Park will be available exclusively to pass through Shudder starting later this summer. This version was restored in 4K and approved by the widow of the late horror director Suzanne Romero. “[It’s] George’s most terrifying film, ”he said in a statement. “It has a unique footprint of Romero throughout.” That’s high praise that holds him responsible for not one, but many the most terrifying movies of all time – and that has nothing to do with her posthumous zombie film already on the road.

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