Watch Zayn Malik sing One Direction’s “Night Changes” 8 Years After

Even if the night changes, it never changes how good you are Zayn Malik can sing this tune.

The 29-year-old shared a unique video of himself singing the One Direction jam “Night Changes,” which is now the No. 1 boy band song on Spotify. Zayn’s new show is worth listening to: Check out his video HERE.

Naturally, fans took to the comment section to hear his voice and the fact that he sang a One Direction track after all these years. One user wrote, “Zayn singing the 1d songs of 2022 is honestly the best thing to happen.” (After all, there is some drama involving Liam Payne earlier this year.)

Another shouted “Omg my ears are blessed.”

Meanwhile, another user wrote, “NIGHT CHANGES!?? YOUR VOICE!??? YOU!????”

Flash back almost seven years and fans may remember March 25, 2015, the day Zayn officially left One Direction.

Upon his departure from the group, the 22-year-old informed fans in a message on social media.

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