Weeknd Reveals Tracklist for New Album Dawn FM

The Week detailing his upcoming LP Dawn FM, featuring Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Jim Carrey. completion releases a trailer for the project, he also revealed the geriatric cover art on the album on Tuesday. Now, you can check out the entire tracklist and a new trailer below.

Since its release After Hours in 2020, Weeknd shared “Take My Breath,” “Tears in the Club” (ft. FKA Twigs), “La Fama” (ft. Rosalía), “One Right Now” with Post Malone, and the posthumous Aaliyah song. “dizziness. ”

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Dawn FM:

01 Dawn FM
02 Gasoline
03 How Can I Love Me?
04 Take My Breath
05 Sacrifice
06 A Story by Quincy
07 Out of Time
08 Here we go… Again
09 Best Friend
10 Aduna bay Lain?
11 Star Eyes
12 Every Angel Is Terrible
13 Do Not Break My Heart
14 I Heard You Are Married
15 Under Zero
16 Jim’s Phantom of Regret

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