Weeknd Says He Still Boycotting Grammys Despite Rule Changes

Last year, after did not receive anyone 2021 Grammy nominations, the Holy Week called the Grammys “corrupt“Ug promised not to submit his work for future award consideration. The singer is particularly distinguished by the “secret committees” of the Recording Academy that have historically chosen who made the final ballots in several categories.

Last Friday (April 30), the Recording Academy Office has partnered changes to the nomination process for the 2022 Grammy Awards. Grammy nominations are no longer perfect for music industry committees of 15-30 “peers” representing their “different communities.” However, the final group of nominees for almost all Grammy awards will be judged by a majority vote of Academy voting members.

Despite the changes, Weeknd confirmed its boycott of the Grammys. In a recent statement on The New York Times, he said, “Even if I don’t submit my music, winning the Grammys awards is a positive step for the future of the spoiled award and will give the artist community the respect it deserves. transparent voting process. ”

Speaking to different, Weeknd added, “Trust has long been broken between the Grammy organization and artists unwise to raise a victory flag.” He also said, “I think the industry and both the public need to see the transparent system really play for the victory being celebrated, but it’s an important start. I remain uninterested in a part of the Grammys , especially in their own acceptance of corruption all these decades. I will not submit in the future. ”

Pitchfork reached out to representatives for Weeknd and the Recording Academy for comment and more information.

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