We’re 30 When Harry Meets Sally’s Secrets—and What She Has

19. The idea for the infamous orgasm scene, where Sally proves to an incredulous Harry that women can fake sexual pleasure, came from an unlikely source: Ryan. At first, the scene was supposed to be just a conversation, but during a read-through, Ryan said, “Well, why don’t I just do it?” Crystal then suggests that it take place in an unlikely place, a restaurant, with the iconic Katz’s Deli as the setting, even though Reiner prefers the Carnegie Deli.

Although it was his suggestion, when the day of filming the scene, Ryan was nervous and “half-heartedly” did it at first, before Reiner, ordered him to “go out full” his place to show him what he wanted (and calm him down), received applause from all the extras. The “very focused” Ryan does take after take, and “every break he runs to his trailer,” I’ll Have What He Has notes.

The scene finally gets the film an R rating and Ryan takes her place as one of the queens of romantic comedies.

20. Later asked why he suggested the fake orgasm for the “high maintenance” Sally, Ryan explained, “Sally’s comedy was so routine. We all sat in Rob’s office for hours and hours doing -just talk [the movie].”

21. About the girl who wants to have what Sally has? That was it Estelle Reiner, Reiner’s 70-year-old mother. He called her to ask if she would come in for a line that might end up on the cutting floor. “I don’t care as long as I can spend the day with my son,” he said, according to I’ll Have What He Has. “I’ll go, I’ll have a hotdog.” He nailed it in two takes, with “I’ll have what he’s got” becoming one of the most famous lines in movie history.

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