Westlight’s Vale Rink and Winter Village Opens at The William Vale!

Vale Rink and Winter Village in Westlight Opens at The William Vale!

Prepare New Yorkers because Westlight’s iconic Vale Rink and Winter Village are now open for the season, making it the perfect destination this winter! Both of these destinations are located in The William Vale and have many fun and cool features that families will love.

The Vale Rink (located on the 23rd Floor Outdoor Rooftop) will take you to a magical winter wonderland as you look at the Manhattan skyline. What sets Vale Rink apart from other rinks you’ll find around the city is that it’s made from by Glice durable synthetic ice, which does not require the use of power or water! Not only is this ice option eco-friendly, but it also makes skating it during the cold season more fun because it doesn’t give off cold temperatures! The rink is open Wednesday through Sunday and hours and tickets can be purchased online.

While kids take time to make memories at the ice rink, parents can relax. Winter Village in Westlight! This village consists of 12 private heated chalets where you can cuddle and enjoy a 360 degree view of the town! The village is the perfect setting to enjoy lots of food and drink with friends and family without having to beat the cold weather. Winter Village is open Monday through Sunday and reservations are required.

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