What Daniel Craig Missed Most About James Bond Movies

The end of an era.

The wait for the expected is over No Time to Die, but as fans of the iconic spy franchise are well aware of, the film’s arrival is bitter as it marks Daniel CraigLast James Bond film.

E! Erin Lim | reached the 53-year-old actor of Daily Pop like in No Time to Die hits theaters today, October 8, and he exclusively reveals what he misses most about suing up as a British secret agent-but not before he jokes another one giant franchise.

“There’s nothing bigger than a Bond movie, even Marvel movies,” Craig said. “There’s a tendency to do things that are bigger than others, also not at all because we’re always in weird places – we go to Jamaica and all these things – but the people I worked, really. That’s exactly what I’ve had the most amazing experience with. “

The same can’t exactly be said for physical films. Asked if Lim would be okay with his body after all the aggravating work on the launch, Craig joked that “It can never be okay again.”

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