What George RR Martin Said About the LOTR Series

George RR Martin hoped the Lord of the Rings the series is good — but no better than Dragon House.

the Game of Thrones The creator shared his sincere thoughts on the two films, which are set to release simultaneously this September, saying The Independent“A lot of articles I know of, the minute the dates are announced, are: ‘Oh, the battle for fantasy supremacy. Rings of Power against Dragon House, who will win? ‘ I don’t know why they would have to do that. ”

Martin said he wanted both shows to be “successful,” but added, “I have enough competition. I hope we can be more successful. If they can win six Emmys, and I hope they can, I hope so. that we can win seven. “

Game of Thronesbased on Martin’s books, it aired its final season on HBO in 2019 but will bring it to life via the prequel series Dragon House in August. the Lord of the Rings movies, based on JRR TolkienThe books were, last released in an installment in 2014.

Overall, Martin was just happy to see the fantasy genre get its recognition, even if it meant Game of Thrones there is a new dragon to kill. As he said, “It’s good for fantasy.”

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