What Happened Between Olivia and Spencer Over the Summer?

What happened between Spencer and Olivia in the summer before All American season 3? The first episode jokes that maybe they finally connected.

the All American season 3 premiere raises big question: What happened between Spencer and Olivia over the summer? The CW football drama based on the real life of Spencer Paysinger gained a larger fanbase with season 2’s launch on Netflix in 2020. After season 2 focused on the spring of the main character’s junior year in high school, All American season 3 will pass over the summer. However, the beginning of the new story mocks that something happened between Olivia and Spencer at this time. All American season 2, Olivia and Spencer are in very good condition. Spencer was there for Olivia when she felt abandoned by the rest of her family, and only Olivia knew that Spencer still had problems with her arm after the recent shooting. When All American Season 3 begins, though, with Olivia and Spencer away. The show quickly established that it had been a few weeks since they had been talking, and there was clearly something in the past that had caused trouble between them. Olivia and Spencer tip-toe around past events and reference giving each other space to be for the best. And yet, the All American season 3 the premiere ended with Spencer asking Olivia if they would discuss what happened – but what happened?Related: How All Time America 3 Set Simone’s Spinoff

The breakup between Olivia and Spencer happened just a few weeks ago about when the third season would begin. All American The first episode of season 3 mocks the location of the event, as travel to Las Vegas is repeatedly mentioned. Several characters went to Las Vegas to see Coop performing on Layla’s tour, and it was two weeks ago, which would have been exactly right at a time when Olivia and Spencer were no longer talking. Olivia tells Layla that she can’t go to Las Vegas because she needs to help a Sober Sister, but All American season 3 finally proves this to be untrue. Olivia scoffs at it forgetting her lie until Layla mentions it again. The reason Olivia lied about not going to Las Vegas was because it was a secret visit to see Spencer. Olivia and Spencer didn’t hook up because most viewers were originally suspicious, though. Spencer tells Olivia that he has feelings for her, that she doesn’t know how to deal with. He left Las Vegas for a surprise trip to see Asher, which is also not good for him.

The romantic feeling between Spencer and Olivia is one thing All American ridiculed in the past, especially the hot tub episode of season 2. And since season 2 ended with their partner during potential crises, it’s no surprise that those feelings grow. However, it’s definitely Vegas time to be together and be in Simone and Jordan are married which made Spencer realize how he really felt about Olivia. She didn’t immediately reciprocate those feelings because she was still dating Asher at the time. Olivia effectively dismisses Spencer’s feelings taking her down a dark path as she thinks Asher cheated on her while in Mexico.

While the All American season 3 premiere led many to believe that Olivia was the woman Spencer was attached to, the show later confirmed that it was Layla. Spencer only confesses his feelings for Olivia a few minutes before Layla returns to the room and tells Spencer that she is ready to continue their relationship. Spencer quickly moved from Olivia to Layla which was certainly not the best move for anyone, as his suppressed feelings for Olivia later led to him and Layla separating. Spencer and Olivia’s secret summer is probably the cause of some of the drama All American season 3, but it also allowed the story to progress later to the point that they could both explore the possible romance of season 4.

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