What Is It Like To Be With George Clooney? Expected Cutouts by Brad Pitt

If you think you have an annoying roommate, try staying George Clooney.

Apparently, the Oscar winner acquired a disturbing household habits during the quarantine period, including a newly discovered interest in the strange decoration of the room, whose wife Amal Clooney is not a fan of.

George, 59, revealed that his Brad Pitt anxiety, restraint on nightly movie choices and good narcissistic style made him almost unbearable to survive.

Luckily, he was on the prowl, releasing one comedy sketch titled “George Clooney: World Worst Pandemic Roommate” on Tuesday, May 4, to promote his charity sweepstakes with Omaze.

The parody video delights in what George actually asked to be housemate, as The midnight Heaven The actor plans to get him “trapped” living with a “random” man last year in a coronavirus lockdown, after buying a $ 7 Batman action from him from Craigslist.

“We’re the best friends right now,” George said. Narrator: They are not.

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