What is the Better Alternative to WhatsApp: Signal or Telegram?

Ready to discard WhatsApp? Signal and Telegram are two of the best alternatives. Here’s how to choose one as your next go-to messaging app.

In light of whatsappof policy change requires users to share more data on Facebook (er, Meta), a lot of people are turning to alternative messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. Both services are solid messaging platforms in their own right, but for former WhatsApp users looking for a familiar experience, which is the best option?

In January 2021, WhatsApp announced that it had updated its privacy policy to make data sharing with Facebook (the parent company of WhatApp) a requirement for all accounts. The news has wiped out many WhatsApp users in the wrong way, so WhatsApp will have to delay the policy change from February to May. WhatsApp spent months in the midst of trying to convince people of that their privacy can still be a top priority, but nonetheless, many people jumped for something else.


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According to the report from SensorTower, WhatsApp downloads saw a sharp decline after the initial announcement. Looking at WhatsApp app downloads between 2020 and 2021, there was a 43 percent decrease. WhatsApp reached 53 million global installations in November 2020, but by April 2021, it had dropped to just 38 million. In comparison, Signal and Telegram downloads were both on the rise. Signal and Telegram downloads rose to 51 million and 64 million, respectively, in January 2021. As the numbers leveled in the following months, it was clear that people were still looking for a alternative to WhatsApp – especially now that policy changes are already in place.

How to Compare Signal and Telegram For WhatsApp Users

Signal and Telegram logos on both smartphones

Signal and Telegram have become the most popular destinations for people who want to get away with WhatsApp, and like all things in life, everyone app has its own set of pros/cons. For users who value privacy above all else, Signal is the best option of the two. End-to-end messages are encrypted by default (like WhatsApp), ensuring that no one-not even Signal-can access the messages except the people in the conversation. Signal also operates as a nonprofit with no ads or tracking data, making it one of the most privacy-centric messaging apps available. It comes at the cost of some features and app availability (no web client, for example), but that’s a fair price to pay. for many WhatsApp conversions.

Telegram is actually the opposite, offering a bit of a focus on security while having a solid collection of features and customization that work best with WhatsApp and Signal. Telegram supports group chats with up to 200,000 users, has a web app, can be used by bots, and offers as endless customization to tweak the app exactly as you want. users. Telegram also does a good job of continuing to launch new features on a fairly regular basis. The app got good options for meassage forwarding in August 2021, along with message reactions in January 2022. Telegram is an app with many messaging features unlike the others, but compared to WhatsApp and Signal , messages to not end-to-end encrypted by default. Telegram has end-to-end encryption when using the Secret Chat feature, but obviously that’s not the main focus of the service. Telegram messaging is much more secure than doing it with SMS texting, but for people who want the utmost security, it can feel a bit lacking.

That’s the end of what this comparison is – a fight over security versus convenience. Not using Signal on the web or more than one phone at a time can be annoying, but users can get reassurance that all of their conversations are end-to-end encrypted. For people who are just OK with leaving some increased security for more features and personalization options, Telegram is the best option. Both apps have achieved what they set out to do, that the choice really comes down to what each user values ​​most.

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Source: SensorTower

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