What Jackbox Game Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

All games on Jackbox Party Pack The series are played in different ways and so they require different playing styles and personality types to succeed. Some games may be more appealing to particular personality types than others and players can find the game that best suits them by turning their zodiac sign.

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There are now eight major entries in the Jackbox franchise, not counting standalone games or past developers. You Don’t Know Jack titles. As the holidays are over, why not ring in the new year by finding your favorite Jackbox party game based on the mysterious zodiac.


Aries: Quiplash

Quiplash 3 Jackbox Party 7

The first zodiac sign will coincide with the first Jackbox party game to be released separately. It debuted as Quiplash XL, but Quiplash 2 and 3 appear in future packages. This game is quick and easy to play, and because it’s easy, confidence and enthusiasm are essential.

Luckily, these are the traits that Aries possesses, who is easily able to create quips for the game. The game is dynamic and tight, fun competition, like hanging an Aries.

Taurus: Job Job

Cool Water from Job Job

Job Job is probably the coolest game from the latest Jackbox game and it plays into the process of résumés and job interviews. Since Taurus is goal-oriented, these are skills they are likely to excel at, but, obviously, this is not a normal interview.

Players use words typed by other players to create their answers. It’s a bit limited, but the Taureans are tough. They are also hard workers, so this challenge should be pointless and they can be a reliable force against the game’s water cooler promoter.

Gemini: Monster Seeking Monster

A group of animals looking for love

Gemini is clearly about pairs and duality, plus they are loving and good at exchanging ideas. on this very good monster dating sim game Monster Seeking Monster, these strengths are important.

Contestants must partner with other players to learn about them and earn points. There are many different types of monsters to play, but the key to the game is to learn as much as possible about the different prospects to date as much as possible. The curiosity of a Gemini is an advantage of this game, which allows players to learn different monster breeds. Gemini are also good at adapting their own actions to their monster’s characteristics.

Cancer: Fibbage

Answers from Fibbage

Fibbage is another game with a lot of different returns Jackbox Party Packs. This game is a trivia game with a twist where other players get a chance to insert fake answers. The third game includes a mode called Fibbage: Enough of You, roles of players to lie about themselves.

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Cancers find themselves well on both ends. In finding the right answer, their tendency to doubt can help. Their loyalty also helps them when they have to answer about their friends. But in writing their lies, their cunning nature will serve them well.

Leo: You Don’t Know Jack

Wala Ka Kaila Jack 2015

Leos are the leaders of the zodiac and the Jackbox Party Pack has its own leader as well. Primarily popular Jackbox series with a series of fun but challenging trivia games called You Don’t Know Jack. These games are known for their creative questions.

This game series appears twice in Jackbox: sa 1 As YDKJ 2015, and in 5 As Full Stream. The host, Cookie Masterson, hosts many other games however You Don’t Know JackHumor, passion for leadership, and creative writing make this unique for a Leo.

Virgo: Strong

Drawing and Predicting from Drawful

This sign of the Earth is more about the details. They have an approachable approach and have a critical eye and it serves them well Drawful. This is another game with variations in many packages.

While Virgos are not known for their artistic skills, like other signs, they like better details. The way to win Drawful is to draw something recognizable and recognize what something really is. With Virgo’s inquisitive mind, they will succeed at this. Virgos are made for Drawful, if it Unique 1 or Attractive Animate.

Libra: The Devil And The Details

The Devil and the Details Jackbox Party 7

Libra values ​​good cooperation. They don’t want to be alone, so what’s better than an entire family for the company? The Devil and The Details tasks of all players to complete tasks, and some cannot be solved without cooperation.

Players take on the role of a demon family living in the suburbia. They must all work together to accomplish the purposes of the house. At the end of the game, the biggest contributor is named. A Libra would fit well in these demonic suburb.

Scorpio: Push the Thing

An sPaceship from Push the Button

This game is a classic take on Werewolf where players must eliminate the secret, hidden wolves between them. This is a great place to find a Scorpio, led by their determination and courage. In the game, the changing aliens enter a space ship and the crew must remove them. It’s a game of reducing one end and cheating the other.

it game is very similar to viral hit Taliwala Nato, but there is little movement in this game. Players have to push and push each other to find the cheats. But in this game, even aliens can pass, so there is no certainty, which will attract the somewhat distrustful nature of Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Mad Verse City

A Robot And A Rap

Sagittarians are known for their excellent sense of humor and they can also adapt to anything on the fly. They can really adapt to a rap battle scenario. Precisely, Mad Verse City the same game.

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In the game, players are given verses to adapt and create new rap lines. They have to face it. Due to the fact that Sagittarians are also known for their sharp wit, they have to be able to make some sick burns, which makes it a fun game all around.

Capricorn: Trivia Murder Party

Jackbox Party Pack 6 Oreo

Capricorns are calm under pressure and reasonable. However, they may also be known to everyone. As such, a trivia game is probably best for them. and no terrible trivia game with higher stakes than in Trivia Murder Party.

Naay duha Trivia Murder Party games, but they are both the same. A killer trapped the participants and forced them to play trivia. There are also violent, tense minigames thrown in, as well. A Capricorn’s ability to stay cool under pressure is sure to serve them well in this trivia showdown, as their lives are on the line.

Aquarius: Zeeple Dome

Gameplay at the Zeeple Dome

Zeeple Dome is the most unique of Jackbox games. Most aren’t very interactive because they’re usually trivia or discussion games, however Zeeple Dome more of an action game. Here, the player will flick their finger on their phone to control their “Zeeple.”

The uniqueness of the game makes it a strong resemblance to the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are different from the rest of the zodiac and are also considered progressive and independent. There is no better game for them than this odd-one-out game where players battle opponents to win.

Pisces: Tee KO

Two shirts from Tee KO

Pisces for artistic type and Tee KO is the game about art, because the player creates slogans and artwork for T-shirts. Players can pay to buy the shirts they make in the game.

Pisces is creative and imaginative and can also dream of the zodiac. It’s definitely worth playing in this game where the sky is the limit of what the actor can do.

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