What Kendall Jenner Did After Separating From Devin Booker

Aside from showing off his friend’s new music, Kendall also seems to have an interest in outer-space after the split. On June 23, he shared one again post on Instagram from NASA about why the planets Uranus and Neptune are different colors, which reads in part, “Both planets have a layer of concentrated haze, but new research suggests Uranus (first image) has thicker layer. ” Maybe he just needs space?

It also appears that rest and relaxation was written by the stars for the 26-year-old. A few weeks later, Kendall shared some of her favorite activities “let there be silence in my mind,” which includes nature walks, meditation, journaling and organizing.

“I’ve had little time these past few days and sometimes I find it hard to rest,” he wrote on June 6. “Go out, get a new hobby, hug the one you love, keep a smile on your face. that thing will come to you. “

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