What to Expect From the Last Yellowjackets

Ah, where do we start ?!

From cannibalism to sacrifices, senate race sessions — oh, and that meaningful killing last weekYellowjackets we were all kept on our toes … and our stomachs were shaking. Now as the finale for star-studded Showtime series coming up on Sunday, Jan. 16, we raced on Reddit to discuss fan theories for what responses (if any!) We would get ahead of the second season.

“There are like a million theories right now and it’s so much fun to read everyone’s ideas,” Samantha Hanratty, who will take on Misty, the group’s fearsome “doctor”, exclusively told E! News. “I didn’t even have all the answers so I was like, ‘Oh shoot, that makes sense!’ Like, there are things people say like me, ‘That could be …’ ”

And Hanratty isn’t the only star who has enjoyed the rumors circulating about exactly what the Yellowjackets team is hiding.

“I know actors don’t do it but I’ve been around Reddit and I’ve read everything,” he said. Sophie Thatcher, describing teen Natalie, the “hunt” of survivors, said. “It’s very hard not to be in this show, there are a lot of interesting theories.”

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