What to Expect from the Violent Summer Season 2 After That Turn

In their intense conversation, it is revealed that it was not Jeanette who saw Kate on Christmas Eve, but it was Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith), Kate’s BFF, who followed Jeanette to Martin’s house that night. And what about Annabelle? So, that’s the name of Martin’s family gun, which he brought downstairs with the intention of shooting himself in front of Kate. But when she couldn’t do it, Kate grabbed the gun and shot Martin.

Oh wait, there really is.

Kate confronts the media and explains that she was wrong and finally gets the attention of Jeanette, interviewed on a talk show— “To the girl I named … Kate Wallace, I forgive you”-and there -immediately from the most hated woman in America to the most loved. Afterwards, we got one last doozy of a reveal.

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