What to Expect From You Season 5

Some guys have all the luck. Especially if they’re a bad, really bad guy, like Joe Goldberg.

Then it became a full blown serial killer drama on Netflix youIt looks like the season four finale is set to serve up the Internet’s pro-die problem, with Joe (Penn Badgley) jump off a bridge to finally put a stop to his murderous ways.

Spoiler alert: He survives and finds forgiveness in his rich girlfriend Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), who promised that they would help each other well. Which lasts about five minutes before Joe frames his student Nadia after he realizes she is actually the “Eat the Rich” killer. (Get a full breakdown of the season’s surprising twists here.)

And the final scene of the episode served as the series’ most exciting: Joe sitting next to Kate as they were positioned as the next big couple. “I have so many uses now—sure, killing is one of them, but it’s not really a one-size-fits-all solution,” Joe says in a voiceover, giving the camera a nice smile. “Though the killing part is a lot easier, now that I’m honest about it.”

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