When Dreams and Budgets Collide (Little Change of Plans)

Last week, I posted my introductory plan for colors and wall designs for the home gym. I decided to go for a bold look at the drawings on the walls and ceiling in an ombre type of design using drawings no less than eight inches wide. If you missed that post, you can find it here…

I was a bit excited about that plan, and after doing some quick math, I decided I needed 27 colors to make the wall edges, not including the solid walls in the end. So in all, I need 29 colors. I went to Home Depot and chose about 100 colors, brought them home, and started removing and sorting that option to get to 27 colors. I took a few photos along the way to sort me out, I might have a reference to go back to to remember the benefits I really wanted. It’s such an arrangement, even if I’ve lost some colors, and as such there have been a lot of changes.

If I thought my colors were right, it occurred to me that these colors represent real paint cans. Painting costs money. And that I really have to pay. 😀

Hmmm… how much do I need? I need enough of each color to make two coats of paint on one side that go up one wall, the entire ceiling, and the other wall. Is a quart enough? I really don’t know. But a gallon can be too much. And there is no such thing as a half gallon. But if you’ve already bought two quarts, you’ve already paid for a gallon.

I started to think, and realized that if I could get a whole slit out of a liter of paint (which is questionable because it’s new drywall, and even if I’m always new to drywall, that’s the first one coat always takes more paint than others), I spend a minimum of $ 550 for the paint, and that doesn’t include the introduction, the rollers, the tape, and so on. I don’t think that matters. If one quart is not enough for some edges, it can be even more.

It’s like a ridiculous amount of money to pay for paint for the walls of a home gym, especially when I have a lot of projects coming up like my studio cabinet. I mean, even if I could save $ 250 to put in the studio, that would cover the cost of six whole sheets of plywood. That would go too far in my studio cabinet if I decided to do it from the left.

I started reducing the colors, and I finally got this smallest selection of colors…

So now I have colors I want to use, but I’ve been able to go back to square one with a plot.

I also had to rethink the floor I planned to use in the interior. I spend a lot of time researching the floor for home gyms and floor classes in general, comparing brands, reading countless customer reviews, and more. The most common types of flooring are (1) rubber, (2) foam, and (3) shortest pile carpet, such as a commercial carpet.

After searching and searching, I leaned against the carpet, and found one of Flor’s that I loved. It’s called Rush Street, and I think black is perfect.

The cost for that floor to cover the entire floor was about $ 1200. That didn’t sit well with me. So I kept watching.

The thing I love most about the carpet is that it’s not pitch black. It has a variety of colors, so the lint doesn’t show up as much in the dark brown. All the rubber floors I found were solid black. And in fact, most of the foam floors I’ve seen also have solid colors. In addition, customer reviews of foam flooring seem to be very different.

Afterwards I found a site called We Sell Mats, and they had everything different on the floor. But all of their floor mats have a lot of high customer ratings and good reviews. They had two in particular that really caught my eye. One is the printed foam mat called Forest Floor with Carbon color.

I could have the whole floor in that room for $ 350, and I like that the color is different and not pitch black. I was poking at their Instagram page, and they were linked to the man’s gym where he used the exact foam tile on his floor. I think it’s weird! And if you look at how active he is in his videos, the floor seems even stronger. And also, those customer reviews I sell.

They also have this version, which has a more traditional look of grain wood…

I really like both of those, but I prefer the former. I wanted it to have a more modern look to it, so that’s what I went with. I decided not to refinish the hardwood floor in that room because I would also cover the floor with foam mats. Going through all the hassle and expense of replacing the floor just to cover it up seems like a huge waste of time and money. So once I get the remaining hardwood flooring put in the closet area, I just clean the floor and then put the mats on the floor. This interior can have the floor finished as quickly as possible!

And that means I have to order my walls since that has to be done before the mats are laid. * Sigh * Maybe a color scheme design?

So in the end, I had to compromise both the walls and floor of the home gym. But with $ 850 saving on the floor, and a potential saving of almost $ 250 on the walls, that’s $ 1100 better to spend on my studio cabinets. I think I can live with that.

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