Where Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Stand on Having Another Child

Is there another Bella baby at work?

Right now Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsevson of Matteo almost twice and a half, the newlyweds revealed whether they are talking about having a second child.

“We have,” Nikki exclusively told E! News ahead of their E! special wedding Nikki Bella Says I Am. “Artem wants to have two children and so do I, but the thought of being pregnant and doing everything again and the stage of the child – two things change your life.”

And the former WWE star can watch his twins Brie Bella—who shares the daughter Birdie,5, and son Buddy2, with husband Daniel Bryan—because how much life changes with two children.

“We’re on an amazing run with Matteo and how he travels with us and our routine and it’s a blessing,” continued Nikki, “but looking at my brother’s life, how much it’s changed -or having two. He was like, ‘Oh yeah girl, it’s different when you have two.'”

“So we’re discussing it,” added the former WWE star, “I’m kind of like one and done. I’m happy with that, but we’ll see.”

He joked that it would be easier for Artem to take the child, where the child is Dancing With The Stars pro excitedly replied, “I want! Let’s talk about it.”

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