Where was Darth Vader During the Bad Batch

Star Wars: Bad Batch shows the rise of the Empire and features Palpatine and Tarkin, so where is Vader at this point in the Star Wars timeline?

Where was Darth Vader during the timeline of Star Wars: The Bad Batch? Serve as one thing in a row Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disney + s The Bad Batch followed by members of Clone Force 99 – Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, and Crosshair – immediately after Order 66 is executed. This means that the show isn’t just pigeons with an end to The Clone Wars, but also shows the rise of the Galactic Empire as a whole Star Wars galaxies

On purpose, Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1, episode 1, “After,” features Emperor Palpatine, giving a version of his speech declaring the Republic to be the Empire. Similarly, it also shows Wilhuff Tarkin in a key role supported – even as an Admiral, not yet Grand Moff – in his view that the production of clone troopers in Kamino, which was preparing for The transfer of the Stormtroopers Empire instead. These characters and events are more closely linked to Darth Vader, but the Sith Lord appears in his absence, so where is he?

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“Finish” begins with the issuance of Order 66, and clones – with the exception of those in Clone Force 99, even if Crosshair follows – follow it. This means that it runs concurrently with the implementation of Order 66 of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. At this point in The Bad BatchThen the timeline of Darth Vader bringing the 501st Legion to the Jedi Temple, preparing to kill the remaining Jedi and Youth inside. The Bad Batch then continue for a little while after that, though maybe a few days at most. Revenge of the Sith will only happen in four days, which means that by the end of the episode, it was likely during Vader’s battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi of Mustafar.

A look from the man formerly known as Anakin Skywalker may have been rejected The Bad Batch. Vader sustained a lot of serious damage from his fight with Obi -Wan, with no action in the slightest – he had to undergo surgery to replace the missing parts of his leg, and be put in a suit to continue his life until it’s the end. That means that’s possible, as it were The Bad Batch season 1 progresses, Vader is still in charge of medicine at Coruscant. If not – or if The Bad Batch timeline agreed to complete his operation – then he would go on a different mission. After his operation, Palpatine showed Vader the many fires the Jedi lightsabers had made. He informs her how the Sith has red lights, and sends her to get one of his. His desire to retrieve a kyber crystal from a Jedi lightsaber, which he could bleed, took him to a desert world at the Mid Rim, then to the moon on the river Al’doleem and Am’balaar City, where he finally kills the Jedi Kirak Infil’a and takes away his light.

The timeline of how long it all took is a little unclear, but it’s not exactly the kind of work you can do in a day. completion Vader goes to Mustafar, and then back to Coruscant, none of the locations make a possible visit to Clone Force 99, even if it’s possible that it could destroy and follow Tarkin’s many stories, which would further take on Vader. Due to Hunter, Tech et al moving to the J-19 system, which is on the Outer Rim, there is then a sufficient distance between themselves and Vader. Of course, there are also a lot of gaps in the canon – before considering how much Lucasfilm wants to repeat its own stories – that could lead to Vader having a run of Clone Force 99.

Susama, Presenting the return of an Anakin voice actor Matt Lanter in the future animated Star Wars project, so it’s also possible that there were flashbacks to Anakin, or that there was an encounter with Vader, even if that would have to break his mask if Lanter, not James Earl Jones, had revealed it to him. There was also a chance to play the long game with Vader, like Star Wars Rebels did, without him appearing properly until the end of season 1, while he also appeared as Vader in the final scene of The Clone Wars, which in itself seems to have taken place after the events of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. There are many stories to be told, that is Darth Vader can still make his mark and, even if not in physical form, he is the kind of fearsome villain whose presence can be felt throughout the galaxy.

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