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  • Mariah’s audition aired on the March 19 episode.
  • Mariah auditioned before American Idol.
  • Mariah is active on TikTok.

the American Idol auditions continue on March 19, and Mariah Faith standing before the judges. After one look at her TikTok, Mariah is likely to stay. This 22-year-old is very talented.

So, who is Mariah Faith? He traveled from a small town in South Carolina to begin this next chapter. HollywoodLife gathered everything you need to know about Mariah.

Mariah Faith
Mariah Faith auditioned for ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

1. Mariah is from South Carolina.

Mariah lives in Conway, South Carolina, a small town near the beach. He was one of four South Carolinians who auditioned for season 21. Tripp Taylor already have tickets to Hollywood, and Warren Peay and Oprah Kablan’s auditions are coming up.

2. Mariah auditioned for American Idol before.

The singer started auditioning for singing competitions when she was 15 but never made the cut until now, she revealed to The Post and Courier. “I felt like I wasn’t ready,” he said. “My acting just wasn’t there.”

3. Mariah is on TikTok.

Mariah has over 47,000 followers on TikTok. His videos have over 1.4 million likes. He often posts amazing covers of songs.


♬ original sound – Mariah Faith

4. Mariah is good.

When celebrating the American Idol season 21 premiere, Mariah posted a heartfelt note in which she revealed that she had been fed up for a year. “A little dream… I’m finally the young woman the younger version of me was meant to be!” he wrote to Instagram. “A sober year, waiting to see myself on TV, hoping that my story and love will inspire others, while singing my little heart out.”

A year ago, Written by Mariah that she used alcohol to “self-medicate” for almost 3 years to try to “heal the broken, hurt, woman who missed her daddy who lacked the ability to see the light of day in all the darkness .Time can only heal so many things before you have to touch yourself.

5. Mariah lost her father in 2019.

In April 2020, Mariah opened up about her father’s death in 2019. “One year ago today, my plane had just landed in Chicago and I got the worst phone call of my life. I had to sit in an airport bathroom for three hours, alone and sad. That call rocked my world,” he wrote.

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