Who is worse, James Potter or Severus Snape?

on Harry Potter series, one of the main antagonists is Severus Snape. Not surprisingly, audiences are still debating about where he is on the morality spectrum. He turned out to be a better person than fans first thought, and his somewhat sticky past with Harry’s father was revealed – which never painted James in a good light. Obviously, he’s a complex character, with some fans and some haters. Some would really argue that James was the worst man who made Snape what he was; others would argue that Snape’s mistakes were worse than James’s.

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Each of them has their good traits and bad ones, but in comparison, who was the worst of these two characters during the Marauder era?

Updated January 3, 2022 by Hilary Elizabeth: Although most of their characters and story were built before the contemporary Harry Potter story line began, James Potter and Severus Snape were two complex and dynamic characters whose presence in the series changed the course of Wizarding history. Many aspects of each of their personalities and experiences need to be considered to provide a complete comparison of the two.

James Potter Is The Worst Because

He Has the Privilege

A plaque depicting James Potter as Seeker

It’s a lie to claim that James Potter didn’t grow up to be an obvious privileged child, and it gave him a little ego at school. As a child, it seemed safe to think that James was unaware of the difficulty. He was of pure blood, so there was no discrimination at Hogwarts, his parents were rich and loving, and he was famous.

Privilege doesn’t always automatically create bad people, but it can give them a great sense of self -worth. And baby, it sure did that to James. He seems to have it all but is willing to harass those who have nothing.

He Was A Bully At School

James and Sirius

James was a bully at school – to the point that even most of James Potter’s apologists can’t deny it.

He mercilessly mocked Snape, and in an even more horrible memory, hung him upside down and exposed him in front of the whole school. She may be a teenager, but there’s no denying that it takes a more violent child to make it. He’s obviously popular and very popular, so it’s not good to look at the fact that he uses his status to hurt others.

He harassed Lily Evans

Young James and Lily Potter at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

James must have been very pushy to Lily at school. Her liking for him was boundless, and she tried many times to convince him to date her even though he would always say no.

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This attitude was not okay, and when Lily denied him, he should have listened. They may be together in the end, but James just lets his personality and actions speak for themselves and waits for Lily to come and really reciprocate how he feels. His aggressive nature is not very old.

He relied too much on his friends

It’s great that the robbers (other than Peter Pettigrew) are closer than the brothers and literally die to protect each other. But James was probably a little more reliant on his friends.

Not just made Wormtail his Secret Keeper there were deadly consequences, but in reality, putting his life, as well as the lives of his wife and child, in the hands of his friends was a very great danger for the Potters and the robbers.

He Has a Great Ego

Robbie Jarvis as a young James Potter in the Harry Potter movies

From what fans know about James, he’s sure he has a big ego. He completely loves himself and seems to see nothing wrong with any of his actions.

Of course, that’s pretty cool and a lot of self-love, but there’s a difference between confidence and pride, and it’s a line that James has crossed, frankly, on many occasions. A little humiliation can go a long way, and his satiety has a negative effect on him as well as everyone around him.

He Takes Unnecessary Risks

James POTTER Dead

James’ participation in the Order of the Phoenix to defeat Voldemort cannot be denied to be morally correct. to do. However, a fair argument could be that James himself would not have done it.

James has a family he needs to look after, and his involvement in the Wizarding War could have killed him despite the prophecy about Harry bringing Voldemort to his family. Joining the fight was a huge risk, and it was one that James could have reconsidered.

Severus Snape The Worst Because

He is an Outcast

Young Snape

Severus Snape had a lower beginning than most, which made him more kind as a child. His poor hygiene made him a target of bullying at school. He was talented and agile, but he was often treated as if he were not a member. He grew up poor and his father was most abusive.

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He really needed some so much that was shown to him at Hogwarts that he almost never received, and what made it bitter was that James was one of his biggest sufferers.

He Was A Bully As An Adult

Severus Snape and Harry Potter

James was a bully as a child, but Snape was a bully as a adult. He intended to scare Neville with every kind of Potions, and he would definitely do the same to Harry if Harry was easily frightened. She commented on Hermione’s appearance when she was only four years old and made her cry. As an adult in his thirties, it was horrible and embarrassing for his students to do that.

He had a hard life, but taking it on people who trusted him, in a teaching position, was a gross abuse of power no matter what had happened to him before.

He was dangerously amazed at Lily

Snape with Lily

Snape may have called Lily Evans Mudblood, but he could never get over her, to the point of being troublesome and very dangerous.

He sends Voldemort after the family at first and greedily thinks Voldemort can save Lily. He was literally willing to kill his entire family to get him. Even years later, he treated his son because Harry was always reminded that he chose James. Yes, he protected Harry, but Snape’s over-observation ruined the lives of many people.

He brought back His Best Friend

Harry Potter Lily Potter and Serverus Snape

Lily Evans was Severus Snape’s first friend, and for a long time, she was probably his only true friend.

Obviously, Severus had a hard time at school, but the fact that he took it from Lily and treated her badly shows that he was not well. He perfectly embodies the old adage “with friends like this, who need enemies,” and the fact that he can bring back the man who is best for him is much said.

He’s a Classic “Nice Guy”

Snape seems to feel entitled to Lily’s time and attention, and when their friendship begins in the south, he reacts in what may be the worst way possible.

His healing of her and their lost relationship was so great that it literally killed Lily (and James), and she gave in to someone who truly cared about her because she wanted a romantic relationship with him instead of be his friend.

He is in the Dark Arts

Severus Snape The creator of Liberacorpus

Sure James isn’t perfect and can be completely arrogant at times, but when James was the classic bully at school, Snape started to involve himself in the Dark Arts.

Severus went through a terrible road very early in his life, saying nothing positive about him as a person. She even wrote to her friend Mulciber using her classmate’s spellings “just laugh”, something that really scared Lily.

James Grows Up To Join The Order

Order phoenix group photo

Eventually, James Potter grew up to join the Order of the Phoenix. It is a secret organization founded by Albus Dumbledore dedicated to stopping Lord Voldemort and saving lives. The people of the Order are willing to risk their own lives on a daily basis, and Dumbledore only asks people to participate that he trusts.

If James was a naturally evil or selfish man, he would not have been invited to take part in the cause. Dumbledore really thinks he deserves it in spite of any past transgressions, much has been said about his character.

He’s a Deadly Eater

He may have switched teams and deeply regretted his decision in the end, but in the end, it was Snape’s decision to join the Death Eaters.

It is clear that one of the major draws of this group is only that they accept him, but the fact that it took Lily Potter’s death for her to actually eliminate the Death Eaters makalibog. He had to move because their cause was moral abomination, not because he personally lost something as a result of their actions, and it seems fair to say that he was worse than you. James on his own.

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