Who will be the next CEO of Twitter? The main candidates to take Elon Musk’s job

A short list seems to be made for Twitter owner Elon Musk as a billionaire began his search for a new chief executive officer.

Just three months into the role of CEO, the Tesla boss’s voice voted in a poll of users.

Sources said CNBC that Musk is “actively” searching for his replacementbefore leaving to run Twitter’s software and servers on Twitter.

Musk takes on the interim CEO role after his $44 billion takeover in October 2022 and has managing a turbulent business era.

But the SpaceX The founder may have already eliminated potential candidates, claiming he was looking for someone “crazy” enough to take the reins of the company worth his “life savings”.

We take a look at the leads who could be the next ‘Chief Twit’.

Who will be the next CEO of Twitter?

Sriram Krishnan – 3/1

The clear front runner to take over from Musk is a man known as his ally – investor and engineer, Sriram Krishnan.

His CV boasts everything stakeholders could hope for, with Krishnan having led the product and engineering teams at Twitter, Meta and Microsoft.

He previously admitted that he was “helping” Musk when he took the platform.

Analysts at FairBettingSites have placed Krishnan comfortably in the lead with a 25pc implied probability of securing the role.

Jared Kushner – 20/1

Kushner set tongues wagging when he was spotted with Musk at the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

A former adviser to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, Kushner has built an empire through real estate and publishing.

He may also get some pressure on the home front, with his wife Ivanka having previously claimed that Musk is her “idol”.

Donald J Trump – 250/1

The former president – who was banned from Twitter in January 2021 – may once again surprise his critics if some are to be believed.

Trump, who has now been invited to rejoin the platform, has a 0.5pc chance of landing the top job, according to FairBettingSites.

and, with the launch of Truth Social after his departure from TwitterTrump gets credit for building a social media platform on his side.

Sarah Friar – 9/2

Nextdoor’s chief executive will become Twitter’s first female CEO.

The Northern Irish boss became prominent thanks to his work on the payment platform Square, having previously worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

He managed revenue that more than doubled during his tenure at the community-focused organization, proving he can navigate the turbulent waters of technology.

David Sacks – 5/1

A member of Musk’s inner circle and “PayPal Mafia”, South African American businessman and billionaire investor, David Sacks, will have what it takes to finish what his predecessor started.

Jack Dorsey – 8/1

Dorsey is no stranger to the biggest office at Twitter HQ, holding the role of CEO until November 2021.

At the time Dorsey was facing pressure from board members to step down from his role as Square’s chief executive.

He previously supported Musk’s takeover, but cut all ties when he also gave up his board seat.

Sheryl Sandberg – 16/1

Facebook’s former chief operating officer oversaw ad revenue growth of 37pc by 2021, so it’s no surprise that Zuckerberg’s former right-hand woman is in the running for the top job.

Resigning her role in June 2021 to focus on charity work, Sandberg may be ready to return to Silicon Valley.

What do the experts say?

Social media commentator, Dr Laura Toogood, said a social media background would be “crucial” for a future CEO.

“Someone with extensive experience in social media platforms or emerging technology companies can bring stability,” he said.

“However, Twitter faces many challenges that are not only related to how the platform develops from a technological perspective. Its commercial evolution and the various political debates that surround in social networks in today’s digital age also needs attention.

“Musk has shown a desire to change Twitter in different ways, so the candidate should help implement his vision.”

The author – who wrote a book about public relations in the digital age – added that Twitter is now experiencing a “very volatile time”.

“However, it is one of the long-standing social media platforms that has successfully survived the dynamic nature of the digital media landscape over the years,” he added.

“Twitter has a loyal user base and it is possible that the social media platform will come through this testing time and end up in a stronger position as a result.”

Dr Toogood concluded: “It’s hard to predict what the next step will be because it’s been a tumultuous time for Twitter and we’ve already seen some decisions reversed.”

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