Who’s Playing Blackstar (Explained by X-Men Link)

Jupiter’s Legacy supervillain Blackstar may be covered in prosthetics and make-up but underneath is an actress familiar to X-Men and Halloween fans.

Warning: This post contains destructive content for Jupiter’s Legacy one time.

While the hulking Blackstar isn’t the main villain The Legacy of Jupiter first season, the character has a heavy presence (twice, actually) and should be familiar to fans of the X-Men movie. Or he could if not for the layers of prosthetics that cover his identity.

Blackstar feels a bit like a thin-covered Millarworld stand-in for Darkseid in DC, is given his many powers (which appear to use the power of supernovae, hence his name). His fully armored costume-as seen by the second Blackstar who nearly killed the Union at their start in the seasonal battle-has a distinct Apocalyptian feel to it and The Utopian’s rivalry as a quick parallel to the conflict of Superman and Darkseid. He also proved to be a genius with his strength, brutal in his approach and as the center of the villain in the underground. The Legacy of Jupiter.

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Like most villains in MCU and DC, Blackstar is also an evil charm. He confidently mumbles to resist the world’s strongest superhero, impressed enough to knock him down, and riotously unhappy. An important part of that comes with the artist’s performance under make-up: Tyler Mane, who plays Sabretooth in the first X-Men cinema and also played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween sine.

Tyler Mane as Sabretooth in X-Men 2000

Blackstar’s power – taken from the Anti -Matter battery in his chest – is often a way to cultivate the vulnerability of second -generation superheroes and even the strongest originals working alone. The strength of a hero, after all, can be easily measured by the enemy they defeat. But he’s more of a punch-bag, as Mane testifies on display, especially when he’s taken out of his armor. He’s a deceiver, trying to betray the Utopian of his Code so he can have victory even in death and Mane’s cunning take on the character helps sell out bad anxiety. He also offers a strong reason why Brandon wanted to kill him, despite the Code.

This is in contrast to how underplayed Mane was Sabretooth sa X-Men, a show that prioritizes his physical ability to cunning. And of course, her take on Michael Myers is little necessary in the way the vocal works through the plot. His more physical function – which has been the cause of most of his career to date – is pretty inevitable given his background as a WCW wrestler, but the strength of what he has accomplished in The Legacy of Jupiter suggests he can do more than just carry muscle.

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