Why Adam Levine Is Back on The Voice 4 Years After Leaving

Adam Levine ready to take center stage The Voice one more time.

Four years after appearing on the singing competition show as a coach, the Maroon 5 The frontman will return for the season 23 finale on May 23, where he and the band will perform their new single “Middle Earth.” The new music will be released on May 19, just a few days away before they play it live for the first time—and release an accompanying music video. And what can fans expect the group’s new track?

“‘Middle Ground’ comes together in a flurry of inspiration,” Maroon 5 said in a press release. “It rallies around a message of vulnerability and humanity on a personal and universal scale.”

The group added that the song may remind listeners of their previous work, such as theirs beloved debut album Songs About Janebut “with a whole age of wisdom and experience behind it.”

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