Why Andrew Garfield said his SAG Awards nomination was “Deeply Moving”

“It’s a universal experience, and I think we’ve forgotten that,” as Brit, who added that he thinks mourning openly and together is “another way we can sew up our own wounds and wounds of others, “saying,” It is good for us. “

And while Andrew may be biased, he encourages people to watch Tik, Tik … Boom, explaining, “For anyone who has a dream; for anyone who feels called to a certain way of life; or who asks, ‘How can I live? How can I spend my time? ? ‘ I think this movie is for you. “

“You have to wake up a part of your soul that may have been asleep for a while and it has something you may already know or something you may have forgotten before about how you live,” he continues. “And I’m excited to meet you Jonathan Larson.”

Tik, Tik … Boom streaming now Netflix.

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