Why Andrew Lincoln Left the Walking Dead Season at 9

Andrew Lincoln played Rick Grimes for almost a decade in The Walking Dead, and here’s why he decided to leave the show for season 9.

Andrew Lincoln in particular left The Walking Dead at season 9, but why did actor Rick Grimes decide to leave? AMC launched one of the most popular TV movie franchises of all time in 2010 with The Walking Dead, a series that has remained popular over the course of a decade. Based on acclaim Robert Kirkman’s comic series, The Walking Deadof The lead role of Rick Grimes is played by Andrew Lincoln. One of the reasons The Walking Dead getting such a huge following is the frequent and unpredictable nature of major characters who suddenly die during the zombie apocalypse story. Surprisingly, the departure of actor Rick Grimes was not due to the death of the character, which is why Andrew Lincoln left. The Walking Dead more importantly.


Even if some character releases are expected based on the source material, The Walking Dead It takes a lot of creative freedom to keep the story exciting for all audiences. However, the likes of Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) seems to be the mainstay of the show to be included forever. That changed during 9 p.m. The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes was written from the series. It was announced before the time Andrew Lincoln would leave The Walking Dead, prompting fans to think about how Rick’s story would end. The last appearance of actor Rick Grimes (now) came in the fifth season of season 9, but why did Andrew Lincoln leave TWD?

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As the unquestioning face of a major ongoing series like The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln spent nearly an entire decade playing Rick Grimes. Fans may think Lincoln’s decision to leave resulted from boredom in the role, wanting a bigger salary, or so he could pursue bigger projects, but these aren’t the reasons why actor Rick Grimes left. . The Walk deadof very fond of season 9. The fact is that Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead because of his desire to be close to his family. The Walking DeadActor Rick Grimes is a father of two young children, and they live at home in the UK. from The Walking DeadThe production mainly takes place in Atlanta and will last for several months, Lincoln can’t spend as much time at home as he would like. Finally, actor Rick Grimes realizes that in order to spend more time with his family, Andrew Lincoln will have to leave. The Walking Dead.

Why Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln’s decision to leave The Walking Dead proved to be a change for the series. Without its biggest character, the show would have to focus elsewhere and reinvent the story. TWD season 9 six -year leap season coincided with the release of Andrew Lincoln, which was allowed The Walking Dead to show what’s going on in the core group of characters without Rick Grimes around. For creators, writers, and audiences, the departure of actor Rick Grimes seems like a blessing in disguise. The Walking Dead very well received afterwards, and there is an endgame in mind that season 11 is set to be the end. Reedus even said Andrew Lincoln told him he was leaving The Walking Dead at the wrong time after seeing how good the performance was.

Will Rick Grimes return to The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes movie

The good news for Andrew Lincoln is that Rick Grimes still has an exciting future ahead. The Walking Deadfranchise ni. Shortly after Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead that it was announced that he would bring the character back to a trilogy to be theatrically released Rick Grimes centered the The Walking Dead movies. The initial installation has yet to take place due to delays in COVID-19 and the writers ’desire for better-made films, so actor Rick Grimes’ films remain in pre-production. While some believe Andrew Lincoln will return as Rick Grimes once was The Walking DeadIn the season 11 finale, it’s more likely that actor Rick Grimes won’t be able to return until his own movies. It is not yet known what will happen The Walking DeadRick Grimes ’films, but after spending a few years away from the franchise to be with his family, Andrew Lincoln returned to The Walking DeadNeither universe can be exciting for everyone.

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