Why Anna Faris Continues to Blame Herself on Son Jack’s Infinite Child

Anna remembers that when things started at home with a “happy, little chubbier baby,” she couldn’t help but ask herself why it was happening.

“Why is my water broken? That’s why of course I’m trying to find answers,” he shares. “I asked my doctor if my dream could cause my water to break because I remember having a beautiful feeling before I woke up. He laughed and said no. I asked him if it could be torn by baby nails the sack, I asked him if my sack was missing something, how much I was running, how little I was running.I gained 60 pounds – up to 160, and my doctor suggested at one point that I will lighten the maple bars. “

He continued, “I can’t stop searching. I asked him if the ‘geriatric’ thing had anything to do with it, if the cold cuts I ate… I couldn’t turn off. I couldn’t kill my own hamster wheel in search. of the answers.And the truth is, in most of these cases, we have no idea why it happened.And after Jack was born, my father joined the GAPPS board, and a few years later I did too. So, the purpose of GAPPS No. 1 is prevention. And to prevent premature births, we need answers. “

Anna and Chris, who filed for divorce in December 2017, both talk about Jack’s birth and often use their platforms to increase awareness of infants with specialist needs. He said Redbook 2015 magazine, “Chris and I were very scared, but when Jack came out, even though he was very small, he was very good to us.”

On April 28, Anna promoted the GAPPS event by sharing a valuable Instagram photo of himself holding the newborn Jack, wearing a feeding tube at the time.

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